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Welcome to DragonFox Kennel Reg'd Wire Fox and Welsh Terriers

DragonFox Kennel is a small not for profit family breeding program that takes pride in breeding Wire Fox and Welsh Terriers for either show, obedience or for great family friends.

Our philosophy in breeding dogs is a simple one. We breed to improve what we have, and to provide healthy and well tempered companions for families that meet our guidelines for puppy ownership. As a breeder that shows in conformation, I strive to breed the perfect dog according to the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) written standard for the breed. I insist on only solid, stable temperaments in my dogs, and am proud to say that I have maintained that solid temperament that others may enjoy with a DragonFox puppy!

All our dogs are born in the bedroom and raised underfoot in the living room, along with my three children, neices, nephews, and our friends, to ensure a well socialized puppy that is used to the hustle of home life and all that comes along with that.

The key to a happy and mentally stable dog is a well socialized puppy! I do my best to ensure that when these puppies go to their new homes, their families have a puppy that can handle all that life throws at it!

Breeding dogs is a hobby, not a business at DragonFox, so there may not always be a puppy available, as I may only have one or two litters per year, and with litters being small in number in most cases, you may have to be patient! Good things come to those that wait, and I believe that these little terriers are not only fine examples of the breed, but they are also great companions for your home.

My love for dogs and animals in general began while still a young child and I often tried to sneak cats into my home in Halifax in order to feed them, much to my mother's dismay!

I bought my first purebred dog at the age of 12 after taking two years to save for it. It was a Poodle! I became involved in the dog show world in 1989, starting with Great Danes. I had two Danes and in 1997 I got my first terrier. a Wire Fox Terrier male named JD from Nancy Ball and Noel McGivern of "Whichwire" in Bradford Ontario. Nancy took me under her wing and showed me how to properly strip and present a Wire Fox, as well as assisting me in finishing JD's championship. They were my first mentors in not only Wire's but in the Terrier breeds in general.

With the help of Phyllis Gratten (Trollhatten Perm.Reg'd) two years later, I found what would be my foundation Wire Fox Terrier female "McKenzie" from a kennel in Michigan. This kennel, "Rosedale" owned by Jean Callens, had what I was looking for in a wire female, keeping to the English style, which I felt would go nicely with my American style wire male which was longer legged than the female.

Also that same year, I acquired a Welsh Terrier female, "Helle"...something I had been looking at getting even before the Wires, from a breeder in the state of Arkansas. Shannon Patten of "Brookswood" kennels allowed this little spitfire to join Geri's Den and after showing her successfully to her championship here in Canada, I was able to take a big step into the Welsh Terrier world thanks to a chance meeting with Mr. Emlyn Snow, who owns one of the longest established and most famous Welsh Terrier Kennels in the world! Felstead Kennels in Wales, would provide to me a lovely little female "Emma" and a stunning male "Tyson".

I also look forward to watching my Welsh Terrier puppies mature and want to thank again Mr. Snow for all of his support and encouragement in helping me attain my dreams with the Welsh Terrier breed here in Nova Scotia.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments on my site, or my dogs. I'm always happy to answer questions about my two favorite breeds and hope that you enjoy browsing my site and seeing my dogs. These dogs are my family along with my children; they sleep in our beds and live in my home.

They are not kennel dogs, they are pets first! I have been fortunate to have the best of all worlds when it comes to my dogs, and I hope that I may be able to share some of that joy with others that choose to get a DragonFox puppy.

The Dragonfox Gang
Dragonfox Gang

"Just Do It"
Wire Fox Terrier Puppies - June '09
Wire Fox Terrier Puppies

"Flowering Lakies"
LakeLand Terrier Puppies - June '09
Lakeland Terrier Puppies

LakeLand Terrier Puppies - March '10
Lakeland Terrier Puppies

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