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Male versus Female?

Generally, Males are apt to be "lovable slobs" and "good ol' boys."

They tend to be more forcefully affectionate, more "in your face." Males tend to be more stable and reliable in mood, less prone to emotional swings. Though sometimes clumsy and silly, and prone to acting like oversized puppies, they mean well and are easy to love. (Come to think of it, this is similar to their human counterparts...)

On the negative side, males are more apt to test their owners and engage in dominance struggles, especially during the hormonal adolescent months.

Males have obvious genitals, which can make for embarrassing moments if they decide to lick themselves when Grandma is visiting. Some males are enthusiastic humpers who will mount stuffed toys, other dogs, sometimes people's legs.

Most males lift their leg to urinate, a consideration if you have expensive shrubbery or lawn ornaments. Some males are territorial markers who compulsively spray urine on every vertical object (ranging from telephone poles to blades of grass) to mark it with their scent.

Generally, Females are more subtle than males.

They're affectionate on their own terms. They'll ask for petting, and then assert their independence by moving away when they've had enough.

Females are often quicker to learn and not as easily distracted during training sessions. They are less likely to engage in open dominance challenges, but they can be clever and manipulative about getting their own way.

Remarkably, female dogs also resemble their human counterparts...they're prone to mood swings and emotional theatrics. They can be sweet one day (or one hour) and grumpy the next. They are masters (mistresses?) of The Dirty Look and The Sulk.

Male Welsh Terrier, Merlot
- Swimming & Playing Fetch
Male Welsh Terrier - Merlot

Female Welsh Terrier, Pru
- Playing Dressup
Female Welsh Terrier - Pru

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